eyebrows & EYELASH

Eyebrows frame your face and enhances your overall look. So if you wish to flaunt those gorgeous brows let our team design them for you.

The Different Shapes of eyebrows

One of the best things about eyebrows is just how varied they are, and if you take a closer look at everyone you speak to within a day you’ll see just how many shapes and styles there are.The best brow for your face can usually be determined by your facial shape as it can help to accentuate your best features.

Here are a few popular shapes of eyebrows and who they might suit:

Softly Rounded
These brows aren’t too angular and look more natural and soft. They’re ideally suited to those with a square face as they can help to reduce the strong angles.

High Arch
The opposite is true of the high arched brow, as these are better suited to those with a round face. The high arch and angular nature of these brows can bring some more definition to your facial structure.

Slight Arch
‍Those with an oval face that’s already fairly symmetrical and balanced will find their brows work best with just a slight arch.

‍This is for those with a long face and it features a brow that extends well beyond the eye line where some other styles of brow typically stop.

If you have a heart-shaped face, it’s best to keep your brows groomed and not too bushy, regardless of what the current style trends are saying.